This website and artistic research project is a work in gentle progress. Its contents and forms of presentation will constantly evolve with its contributors, collaborators and meandering explorations.  
A selection from these submissions was first exhibited at Networked Bodies from 21 Jan - 7 Feb 2021
Eduardo Herrera, 43
Gesture(s) of Care: This video art work is my gesture of care towards the place where I live in ITALY called MONDONUOVO (New World). 
This is a kind of video art ritual and a way to honour the sacred tree I've chosen as my "natural rishi", my meditation teacher. One day I realized there was a red cross on it and that gave me the inspiration to do this work. I think this is a great way to restart after the pandemia, a totally view, a caregiving art gesture.
Keywords: Freedom, Ritual, Nurture, Being in nature, Offering
Marta Cosca

03 August 2018, Tortona, Italy, h 15:00
Title: Perpetual Exchange
Gesture(s) of care: The one I want to share with you is a gesture of eternal friendship. 
The tattoo is a symbol of the continual exchange that feeds a relationship. I give something and I receive something back. And that feeling keeps living inside me forever. The tattoo is a ritual. doing it handpoke is much more ritual than with the machine. During the tattoo the only sound are the voices of the two people. The breath is like a prayer and in that moment the exchange of feelings and stories begins. Both the artist and the "client" receive something that will always live inside them.
Keywords: Connection, Healing, Forever lasting, Mutual, Belonging, Connection, Empathy, Maintenance, Reciprocity, Solidarity, Trust, Unity, Caress, Embrace, Listening, Meditation, Sharing, Support
Ou Ningfei 
June 2020, morning, recorded video at home in Jurong, Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: My parents sending an encouragement and congratulations video to my younger brother, aged 19, who is still in the military. This was 2 weeks prior to his Passing Out Parade (POP) which is the culmination of the Basic Military Training (BMT). The new recruits were given letters in my own time, but with the advent and ubiquity of digital media, a new form of letters are given in video format, sent to them either after the digging of their shell scrapes (a sort of recession in the ground for cover) or a gruelling long march. Details of this 'ritual' is documented extensively online in blogs, journals, and so on.
Ou Ningfei ​​​​​​​
Title: On Being Asked for Words of Encouragement
My own reflexive gesture of standing at the foot of mount faber with a forest backdrop harks back to my own days as a recruit doing my national service. The standard army-issue green/black with sandals, a seeming blend into the natural colours behind me, signify the cultural uniformity of the identity I was a part of. The shovel/spade and the shaver are common dreaded tools NSFs like me are familiar with. 
What is of course most striking is the fact that I was not born in Singapore, whereas my brother was. My parents are Chinese migrants, and the video they prepared was only at the advise / instruction of army superiors, although one cannot tell whether or not they would have expressed/done the same had this option not been made available to them. The love of a father and mother is the same across all cultures and nationalities, but the complexity of navigating the layers of self-identity, the other, varied nationalities and love-language mediums is something I found precious, for both myself, my brother, and my parents.
Keywords: Inquiring, Concern, Comfort, Courage, Forbearance, Strength, Listening, Support
Cristina Pistoletto, 60
July 2020 during pandemic, a market in Tourin, Italy.
Title: Miracle
My gesture of care is giving space to relation, attention and love in the miracle of the transformative act of art, of life in art.
The story of this care-performance, starts with the beginning of the pandemic and the first Italian lockdown in march; I was alone with my mother Marzia and I started a new way of living and being with her, protecting her fragility and taking care of her, making performances together, dancing and singing. Then my daughter Elettra came back home from England and by then restrictions had been loosened, so we could go out, do our shopping as normal in the market, and at the same time performing a domestic situation of care and protective relation and also "taking place" in my father’s sign of -Third Paradise- as a house of art which becomes a home that you can simply build wherever you want; it starts to give strength and a meaning to our need of "being the other” for building an “us”, a collectivity. A Care that needs to survive the pandemic. 
Dylan, 23
 17 November 2020, Singapore
Title: Embrace
Gesture(s) of Care: The video looks at the act of an embrace as having no start or end. Within this liminal space of warmth, protection and intimacy. At the same time this act can also be seen as an agent of slowness, reconnecting our bodies to another.
Keywords: Comfort, Safety, Belonging, Comfort, Connection, Desire, Empathy, Hope, Joy, Love, Maintenance, Refuge, Solidarity, Trust, Unity, Breathing, Caress, Embrace, Repair, Sharing, Support
8 Dec, 3pm, Tres Orejas Chöten, New Mexico (USA)
TitleNecessary Osmosis
Gesture(s) of care: My gesture of care is an ever-dynamic balance between reaching outward and attending inward, conserving and expending. 
Only recently have I understood the need to be grounded in my body in order to sustain caregiving for others. Setting boundaries can feel rigid and unkind. So far I’ve settled on attending the natural rhythms and needs (outside and within), as they arise, knowing that each gesture will change the circumstances that call for another.
KeywordsBalancing, Sustaining, Flowing, Restoring, Boundaries, Courage, Empathy, Maintenance, Nurture, Reciprocity, Refuge, Attend, Breathing, Caregiving, Embrace, Listening, Meditation, Offering, Repair, Resting
Carla Teglio
Sunday 13 december at 17 p.m. here in Italy, in a little town called Sesona-Vergiate.
Title: Trees Gratitude
The video's recorded by me with my friend Elena as dancer for trees. We love nature and we know that their energy is important for us and for people in generally, even if some people sometime forget it. So I want to celebrate trees and nature, to show our gratitude and to remember to all that we have to take care of them
Keywords: celebrating, Be grateful, Energy, Connection, Love, Nourishment, Peace, Being in nature, Breathing, Caregiving, Caress, Dancing, Embrace, Meditation
Li Li Chung, 65
14 December2020, Home, Singapore
Title: Seeing 2020
Gesture(s) of care: Color in adult coloring books, mostly alone. Sometimes with one other person
I like the quiet of coloring (esp in my wonderful seat by the window in the kitchen) and seeing the final results quickly, always only one page. During Covid's stay@home, it was also my virtual going out to Singapore sites. If there's a buddy coloring with me, we chat and eat fruits.
Keywords: Coloring, empathising, Comfort, Connection, Nourishment, Reciprocity, Cooking, Drawing, Eating, Listening, Sharing
Alvyna Han
19 Dec 20, 11.18 pm, Home Bedroom, Singapore
Title: HUGS (Moving on with love​​​​​​​)
Gesture(s) of care: Self-Care – Hugging feels comforting and makes me feel like everything will be ok.
KeywordsHugs, Enjoy, Freedom, Pray, Relax, Comfort, Connection, Empowerment, Joy, Love, Peace, Strength
20 December 2020, Milano 11,30 am
Gesture(s) of care: Stroking my Cat is a relaxing moment for each other and closeness as well, before starting the day.
Alvyna Han
Title: CAREFREE (Moving on with love)
23 Dec 20, 1.04 pm, Home Living Room
Gesture(s) of care: Freedom
Lying down the floor helps me relax. I feel relaxed and free.
Keywords: Praying, Resting, Enjoy, Freedom, Pray, Relax, Comfort, Connection, Empowerment, Joy, Love, Peace

Alvyna Han
Title: BRISK WALK (Moving on with love)
21 Dec 20, 10.12 am, Bishan-Kallang River, Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: Self-care
I feel wonderful and happy brisk-walking in the sun. I feel joyful as I walk while listening to songs, admiring the beautiful sky and clouds, and the river.
Gesture(s) of care: Energy
On days when I feel emotional, I will pray to the Sun for positive energy.
Keywords: Enjoy, Freedom, Pray, Relax, Comfort, Connection, Empowerment, Joy, Love, Peace, Strength, Perseverance, Being in nature, Breathing, Embrace,Exercise, Singing, Walking
Carol Ee, 50s
Date, time & location: 6pm, 24 Dec 2020, home sweet home.
Title: Self care, Self Love
Gesture of care: Go with the flow
I believe in loving myself first before I could give. I can't give you what I do not have. I started practicing these movements about 3 months ago after a dear friend shared this practice has helped her tremendously. I start my day with this practice. I find myself able to be more focused during and after the practice, better in pains management and building up core strength. I could really feel every muscle responding to the movements during the practice, something I never discover before.
Keywords: Priority, Love, focus, Strength, Breath, Connection, Empathy, Strength, Breathing, Exercise
Alvyna Han
Title: ENJOY (Moving on with love​​​​​​​)
25 Dec 20, 11.35 am, Fitness Corner
Gesture(s) of care: Enjoy.  I started exercising on Twister 3 years ago. I still enjoy it very much because I twist (dance) and sing to the beats of the songs I like. When I first started, I could only twist for 10 mins after bearing much pain in the stomach. Now, I will enjoy working out up to 45 mins. I’ll then do stretches and end my workout routine.
Keywords: Enjoy, Freedom, Pray, Relax, Comfort, Connection, Empowerment, Joy, Love, Peace, Strength, Perseverance, Being in nature, Breathing, Embrace,Exercise, Singing, Walking
Maria Mison, 25
26th Dec 2020, a day after christmas, around 5pm before dinner
Gesture(s) of care: Lying down on the cold floor, hugging a pillow
CW neglect, trauma
I'm often left alone when I was younger. I come from a  household that was neglectful and absent. I wouldn't know how to emotionally regulate how I feel and would not know how to express outbursts. I was a quiet child. I would often speak to my stuffed toys or my favorite pillow for comfort, like a small child I would crumple into myself becoming smaller. It made noiseless crying easier. As I've become older, I admit I still have trouble nestling myself into uncomfortable tears or waves of emotions. But every time I do find myself cowering on the floor against a wall or a couch like seeking comfort from that walled surface, as if asking for these walls to hug me. I taught myself this gesture, a part of me didn't want to be discovered like a stone forgotten in the dark. It makes me feel my belly better actually and digging my face in a pillow is soothing, it makes crying easier or biting to suffocate the noise easier. In this video I am stroking the pillow or pressing my weight against it, sometimes I don't know if the pillow is comforting me or the pillow is the baby that is myself that is my younger self that I am comforting. I don't think it matters which is which, they seem the same to me. Documenting and recording this in my family's house in the time of a pandemic, going home after a long time away, and still finding it empty of forgiveness and change I find myself acknowledging more of my childhood sadnesses if I could coin a new word. I really have come to know that I've numbed myself so much to survive when i was younger such that renewing a sensitivity to pain is an act of care, like regaining muscles, regaining stiffness, deadened old life. Or parts of me.
Also hugs is such a primary gesture to me. It's my profile picture for gmail. I'm a partner dancer and my favorite soothing dance is kizomba which is like holding a baby in a hug. I think through a lot of my projects lying down in conversation with myself, often hugging a pillow. People who are my friends know that to me, lying down is an active position. Almost reminiscent of binukots (shuttered princesses often relegated to the bed ) or women with foot binds, a part of me knows that even in stretches of time where I felt cocooned or trapped, I was and am still breathing and alive. I am swaddled, I am hugging,I am caring for myself even if no one can tell or is looking. 
I still hug pretty gently and can hug in prolonged manners. I still hug myself, I enjoy hugging myself. This is my primary gesture of care.
Conscious Connections
27th Dec 2020, 230pm, Green Circle Eco Farm
Title: Touching Earth
Gesture(s) of care: Touching the bark of a tree, walking bare-foot on earth, observing a flower, cleansing our legs with plants in a pond, and drinking a cup of floral tea
Sensuous experiences with natural elements can bring about healing, whether it be caressing a soft flower petal or a rough tree bark, drinking a cup of warm tea or washing ourselves in cool water. Taking the cue of the rhythm and pace from the natural soundscapes, the gestures we documented in this simple film are a few personal ways that allow us to draw our attention to where we are in the present moment. They are ways in which we seek pause in our lives to care for ourselves and the natural elements we are surrounded by. They are our attempts to breathe a little lighter, and live a little deeper.
Keywords: touch, nature, pause, breath, connection, stillness, movement, gentleness​​​​​​​

28 Dec 2020, 6pm SGT, a pre-war walk-up apartment, Singapore
Title: Disembodiment is not my plan
Gestures of care: Dance, somatic yoga therapy​​​​​​​
I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. I make so many new plans in any given year that there really is no need for them.  
There was one plan, though, that was particularly important for me in 2020. It was a plan to rid myself of anorexia; the eating disorder that has plagued me since the age of 14.
Anorexia disembodies.
To be disembodied is to be in a very lonely place. Things that happen in this lonely place go unnoticed. Because they’re so ignored.
The tightness in the shoulders. The dull ache in the small of the back. The diminishing sense of self.
To be disembodied is to be fundamentally disconnected. The cognitive self commandeers control over the somatic self.
To be disembodied is not my plan.
As I loosen the tightness in my shoulders, unravel the dull ache in my back and expand in my sense of self, I’m able to pay it forward.
Keywords: Dancing, Eating, Play, Resting, Walking, Embody, Acknowledge, Accept, Pamper, Boundaries, Connection, Empowerment, Nourishment, Unity, Whole
Jade. C, 34
28 Dec 2020, 11.13am, Home, Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: Making Matcha
As a tea lover, I've always been seduced by the elegance and ceremonial quality of matcha making. Having witnessed a Japanese tea ceremony at an event, I was struck by the intense attentiveness that was accorded to the mere act of making tea. The ceremony wasn't short, and my wide-eyed enthusiasm soon waned into monkey mind  boredom. Nonetheless, I was intrigued and sought to learn it through YouTube videos. 
It was only after I tried making matcha in 2019 that I realised why making matcha has been described as "meditative." It's astounding how much you notice when your mind is focused on one single thing. The dust of green powder on smooth ceramic. The flurry of swirls. Tiny bubbles atop a green sea. Making matcha from scratch demands my total care and attention, both of which I gladly give. 
In a world that heralds cheap convenience and fast living, going slow is a deliberate act of resistance. These are the few minutes I will carve for myself. When my mind is not vacillating between the realms of the past and future. These are the few minutes for me to check in with a familiar stranger: hello, how am I feeling today? 
And so it is, that I'll continue making tea whenever I need to hit pause on life - to calm, to soothe, to delight. May we remember that no matter how busy we think we are, there's always time for a cup of tea.

Taufik Afdal, 34
December 28, 2020, at my home in Jl. Sultan Mahmud, Gg. Teruntum 3, Tanjungpinang
Stroking my daughter's head for her to fall asleep. This act is normally done as she is about to go to sleep. With the touch of my hand, she could feel relaxed, calm, and feel that there are people around her looking after her. This touch also strengthens our relationship as a daughter and father.
Fortuna Production Escénica, Sumedha Bhattacharyya, Bhargavi Gopalan, Harshini Boyolla, Likla, Rahul Rajoriya, Kamakshi Saxena
The work was developed over a period of time through people participating from different locations. 
Title: Portraits of Care
Gesture(s) of care: “Portraits of Care” showcases the journey of co-creators from varied disciplines across different parts of the world as a community dance film experiment. This film shows how we can create a shared, unique, intimate, caring, and safe space through a camera during a pandemic. The experiment started as a reflection of a wish, an intense desire, to connect to a broader community of people from different disciplines of writing, cinematography, dance, architecture, and filmmaking. Across these different genres, how is the feeling of care expressed?Considering the pandemic, the work, connections, and conversations that shaped this project remained virtual. None of us had ever met before; yet, through this work, we found a shared space for weaving personal and collective memories of dealing with the “new normal.” Our conversations were magical—they allowed a virtual space to become our “real” space in an increasingly disillusioned world. Giving ourselves the freedom to care, sharing our experiences with trust, and being vulnerable became a foundation upon which this experiment took shape. As we learn to handle the uncertainties of every day, this film voices our thinking, doubts, contemplations, and our intent to care.
Keywords: Community, Connection, Vulnerability, Radical care, Intuition, Belonging, Connection, Empathy, Trust, Being in nature, Dancing, Embrace, Seeking, Sharing, Support
llya, 25
Monday, 28 December 2020, 2.30pm, Gillman Barracks
Title, On Staying Aligned
Gesture(s) of care: Carrying an egg from my office (Blk 6) to the exhibition building (Blk 43) with cupped hands
I got inspired to do this performance when you (Alecia) had mentioned about the care that manifests in the work I do with institutions. I had previously never thought about this aspect of my job. I think in any work where different stakeholders are involved, there's bound to be a lot of careful, and at times, cautious, threading of fine lines to ensure that all the different stakeholders' needs are met. And at the end of the day, what matters most is that the work is able to thoughtfully serve its target community. Hence I decided to carry an egg, representing the people we serve, in my hands. I walked from my office, where most of the behind-the-scenes meetings and negotiations take place, to the exhibition building, where the product of the work and associated meetings/negotiations unveils itself.
Keywords: Meditation, Walking, Work, Carrying, Cooperation, Sincerity, Connection, Empathy, Endurance, Maintenance, Solidarity,Trust
30 December 2020, my cozy home near Milan
TitleLife breath
Gesture(s) of care: Simply breath
I have born with an respiratory insufficiency and during this here I have been infected with Covid-19. Breathing is my karma, so simple and so essential. So I am glad to share me breathing!
Keywords: Loving, Caring, Simply living, Calm, Beauty, Connection, Empowerment, Faith, Inspiration, Love, Peace, Refuge, Breathing, Embrace, Listening, Offering, Sharing
Josephine Tse

01 January 2021, Markham, Toronto, Canada. 7PM EST, dinner time at my parent's house.
Title: The first supper
Gesture(s) of care: Family dinner.
I currently live away from my family, but I returned to my parent's place for the 2020 holidays. I chose to film my family dinner on New Year's day because even though I always eat dinner with my entire family at the dinner table, this is the first time in many years where I've celebrated the holidays and rang in the new year with my family. I am usually out of Canada during the holiday season to escape the winter and take advantage of my time off from work. But of course, with the global pandemic, this year was bound to be a little bit different. I know that just the simple act of being able to eat a meal with my mom, dad and sister is something that a lot of people haven't been able to do this year. So instead of being mopey and complaining about not being able to travel, I'm mindful and very grateful for a meal with my family.
Keywords: Belonging, Connection, Empathy, Joy, Love, Nourishment, Nurture, Safety, Trust, Caregiving, Cooking, Eating, Gathering, Sharing, Support
Fié Neo, 25
2 January 2021, 9am, my room in the house I grew up in, Singapore
Title: Hands and warmth, presence in absence
Gesture of care: Love
I was thinking about what care means for me and reflecting back on the moments I cared for people. My grandmother had brought me up and I'd always remember the warmth of her hands, over my forehead when I was running a fever, rubbing balms on my bruises, patting me to sleep… In caring for others, I realised that so much of that care was learned from what I had received from her. I learned to care for others the way that I was cared for and that came from love. The wearable art pieces I wore were made in response to the grief of losing my grandmother and an attempt to capture the warmth of her hands. There were moments I felt very alone during the pandemic and that made me reflect back on the idea of trying to hug oneself. The embrace is never quite full and the absence of a presence is always felt. These movements are my interpretations of the feelings of care and love.
Keywords: Love, Comfort, Caress, Embrace

llya, 25
Sunday, 3 January 2021, 1pm, my room
Title: You crossed my mind today
What my gesture of care is (as captured in the performance): Dropping a text to family/friends who are far away/who I've not seen in a while to ask them how they are doing
From time to time, family members/friends who I've not seen in a while, or who are physically distant from me, cross my mind. And I wonder how they are doing. Sometimes, I'd drop them a text to how life's been treating them or simply to say hi. I don't expect my text message to turn into a full-blown conversation with them. Instead, I just want them to know that I thought about them. I'm reminded of a quote (the origins of which I'm unsure of): "Make a du'a (supplication) for whoever crosses your mind. Honour the guests of your heart." I enjoy sending these messages because I think it makes their day - it definitely makes me happy when I'm on the receiving end of such a text message. While I always prefer face-to-face interactions to digital meet-ups, I appreciate that technology has made it so convenient for me to stay connected with people I care about in the midst of life's demands. I decided to accompany the gesture with a song, Pulang (Return) by Yuna and SonaOne. The translation of the lyrics captured in the video are: "Across the sea, Although you're far away, I'll answer your call. Although you're not by my side, You make me proud As if I'm there [with you]."
Keywords: Embrace,Offering, Praying, Seeking, Support, Thinking, Honouring, Remembering, Reaching out, Connecting, Comfort, Connection, Conviviality, Joy, Love, Maintenance, Nourishment, Trust, Friendship, Distance
Jill J. Tan (& the leaves), 29
Title: leaves on leaves
3 January 2021, Botanical Gardens; 7 January 2021, Rail Corridor; 9 January 2021, Botanical Gardens [all in Singapore]
Gesture(s) of care:  Leaves holding leaves in the rain
 I've been noticing how leaves cushion the landing of other falling leaves. They might not have come from the same root. The provision of this buffer, before falling leaves return to the earth, strikes me as a gentle act of care. There's a lot that we can learn from these leaves, and I hope to have made a gesture of care by beginning to notice this. ​​​​​​​
Keywords: Holding, buffering, Respite, Refuge, Safety, Accompanying, Being in nature, Caress, Embrace, Gathering, Hiding, Offering, Resting, Sharing, Support
Patrick, 51

4 January 2021, Green Corridor at Queenstown, Singapore
Title: Daily Walk
Gesture(s) of care: Just Walking and looking at the trees

It’s a every day routine to walk my dog at the Green Corridor for the greens, and morning light and sounds of insects and birds. I will also practice a little walking meditation by simply looking wide and far and focus on my breath work. It helps clear the mind.
Keywords: Walk, Breath, See things as They Are, Gratitude, Being with Nature, Beauty, Connection, Joy, Nourishment, Peace, Being in nature, Breathing, Listening, Meditation, Walking

Marcel Zaes, 36
Jan 5, 2020, 4:10pm EST, Lincoln Park, Somerville, MA (Boston), USA
Title: Carrying Rain
Gesture of Care: carrying a megaphone that emits sounds of care (a recording of rain); public emission of rain sound
Why did I choose this gesture? I thought a lot about what gesture I might have that might be idiosyncratic to my person, and I am also interested in what the difference is of a gesture with, and without, an object. Is holding a megaphone a gesture at all? Is pointing it at someone (i.e. in protest) a gesture of cruelty or care? Is its symbolic loudness ever associated with care? I'm interested in this ambiguity of a gesture and I am challenging it by just carrying the megaphone over the shoulder rather than pointing it at anyone directly, so that it is more a gesture that is directed to the entirety of the environment – in this case, a public park. I think who taught me this gesture are protesters on the way to, or on the way back from, a protest, when they just loosely carry the device over their shoulders without it emitting any sound.
Keywords: Attend, Caregiving, Listening, Play, Sharing, Walking, Sound-making, Sound, Fill-With-Sound, Dreams, Empowerment, Endurance, Inspiration, Nourishment, Solidarity, Ambience, Environment, Deep Listening
Angjolie Mei , 40 
5 Jan 2021,  Showers Of Love, Singapore 
Gesture of care(?): As we care for the dearly departed, it is important for us to also offer care for the departed. 
The story: I was inspired by the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, and my favourite language is physical touch. It is unfortunate that many family members may not be given the opportunity to help perform this final act of service: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, and gifts. This all started with the movie Departures.

Phoo Myet Che (Pearl)
5 Jan 2021, 7:00am, Clementi Forest, Singapore
Title: recalibration of peripersonal space
Gesture(s) of care: Taking walks in nature
This gesture provided an outlet from the confinement of my room ever since the start of the pandemic and I had the privilege of performing this gesture at least once a week to keep myself grounded. It allowed me to recalibrate my peripersonal space and I became more aware of the sounds of cicadas and attained the ability to smell rain before a downpour. The footage of the video is recorded by a dear friend of mine, Ye Thu, who braved the mud and lost his spectacles somewhere in the middle of Clementi Forest. The sound accompanying the video is a snippet from the live recording of the song "Somewhere" by Kin Leonn which I have been listening to a lot to sit down and contemplate.
Keywords: observing, Comfort, Connection, Peace, Refuge, Being in nature, Breathing, Exercise, Walking
Michelle Villarosa,  39
January 6, 2021, 8PM, Capri by Fraser Hotel at China Square, room 1409, Singapore, at my desk on day 8 of a 14 day quarantine.
Title: Your light knows no boundaries
Gesture of care: Community online guided meditations and a safe space to connect.
The story: Meditation has been a gesture of care for myself for a number of years. Last year while in lockdown, stranded in the Philippines I began guiding online community meditations. Initially I wanted to offer a space to feel peace and go inward, and it organically bloomed into a safe space for people to connect and care for each other. After several months meditating together it is now a heart-centred community across the globe that truly cares for one another. I chose this gesture over others because I've seen how community meditation has not only impacted one's sense of peace and belonging, but it also influences all aspects of a person's life - their relationships, work, well-being, and view on life in general. It's positive ripple effect is extensive.
I learned to meditate through apps initially, then I took a few courses and self practice. After a few years I decided to act on my passion for it and guide meditations. Turned out people really felt the experience and received deep healing from it.
This gesture is so meaningful to me. I believe we are meant to express our truest nature. When we are ourselves we're in highest service to others. What is most natural to us is a way to show care for someone else. It's really beautiful!
Keywords: community, self love, imagination, inner, spirituality, inner work, love, mindfulness, service, oneness, Belonging, Comfort, Connection, Empathy, Faith, Hope, Inspiration, Love, Nurture, Peace, Trust, Unity, Breathing, Gathering, Meditation, Resting, Sharing
Alecia, 34
January 7, 2021, 11AM, at my studio in Singapore
Title: In Between
Gesture of care: Establishing boundaries while being connected to others is a process of learning to give and receive, moving between freedom and control.
Keywords: ritual, risk, listen inwards, attempts, flow, maintenance, endurance, give, receive, connection, boundaries, recalibrating 
Nicole Phua

7 January 2021, Home, somewhere in the west of Singapore, 12:07AM
Title: Happy Hop

Gesture(s) of care: embracing the badness, then shake it away.

Overtime when bad things start piling up in both head and mind, the body needs to channel it out to balance everything that is within. I like to cry, then jump around till I run out of energy to think about badness. Many times when bad things or thoughts happen, people have been telling one another that it all will pass and not to think too much about it. It is true that all will pass, but the body needs to recognise that there are also ways to allow self to channel out so that it all wont pile up and become too overwhelming. So whenever someone I know is feeling down, I will invite them to cry and jump around! A fun way to lighten spirits and rid bad thoughts.
Keywords: Flowing, Exhausting, Believing, Comfort, Connection, Hope, Joy, Unity, Breathing, Dancing, Embrace, Exercise
Ages: 20s, 30s, 40s
Sunset on 7 January 2021 at a storage space in Kallang Way, Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: Cleaning, arranging, shifting, being present.
We decided on this to share a lesser seen side of who we are and what we do. CLAUSTROPHILiA is not just some ephemeral act, but it is an embodiment of what happens between us on a regular basis. We have articulated representations of friendship, respect and remembrance while negotiating a narrative of adversity compounded by our own human shortcomings. Being present can mean so much more than “being there”, and being there can mean so much more than being “present”.
Being present. Kinship always. Here, after and hereafter.​​​​​​​
Keywords, Accompanying, Attend, Gathering, Hiding, Play, Seeking, Sharing, Work, Presence, Belonging, Connection, Courage, Dreams, Empathy, Endurance, Hope, Joy, Love, Maintenance, Peace, Reciprocity, Refuge, Solidarity, Strength, Trust, Unity, Defiance
Shirly, 32
 8 January 2021, Goodman Art Centre, studio, Singapore 
Title: Grounding
Gesture(s) of care: Cleaning the studio floor
Sweeping etc tidying up my work area allows me to mentally and physically ground myself and to set the intention to start my day in the studio. Allowing my feet to feel the floor, grounds me and allows me to connect to myself at that moment of time.
Keywords: Cleaning, Grounding, Feeling, Comfort
Pat, 39
8 January 2020, 12.30am, Home, Singapore
Title: pat pat
Gesture(s) of care: Patting baby to sleep
This gesture is very rhythmic and it feels like a heart beating against my skin. I recall this gesture from my childhood when my auntie will pat me on my back to ease me into rest. Now when I feel scared from stress I miss a pair of hands that soothe me to ease.
Keywords: Resting, Soothing, Comfort, Safe​​​​​​​
Lucilla Borstad
8 January 2021, 8:00 a.m. (GMT +1) Flattum, Hønefoss, Norway
TitlePetition to the One who cares the most

Gesture(s) of care: Morning prayer and Bible study. Praying for others' needs and well being.​​​​​​​
This gesture is a constant in my life since I was a little girl and it is the only gesture of care I rely on when all other means for caring do not help or are simply beyond human capacity. I got to understand the value of the prayer from my childhood. My parents prayed a lot with me and for me, and looking back I can say that most of their prayers were answered beyond expectations. This gesture of care makes me aware that God is the One who cares the most and the best for everyone but many times He does that through precious human souls who care to listen to His gentle promptings.  
I believe prayer is the most powerful and effective gesture of care someone can do for others in need! But it definitely should be accompanied by physical and specific gestures of care that are needed or requested. I set the Prayer on the first place in my list of care gestures, because it truly works and reaches in places where every other ways of care fail, or cannot reach! God is caring, trustworthy and eager to answer our prayers much sooner than we could imagine!  Reflecting some more on this subject now, I think prayer is not easy, cause it makes us step out of our own self-sufficiency, out of our own comfort zone, and opens us up for God's promptings, enabling us to do things (sometimes even for the very matter we prayed for) which we would not have done otherwise. And this needs to be experienced in daily practice to be fully understood! Have the courage to try!
Keywords: Reliance, Confidence, Certainty, Support, Uplift, Protection, Devotion, Supplication, Thanksgiving, Thoughtfulness, Inspiration, Comfort, Relief, Contemplation, Consideration, Belonging, Comfort, Connection, Courage, Empowerment, Faith, Hope, Inspiration, Love, Nourishment, Peace, Reverence, Strength, Trust, Listening, Meditation, Offering, Praying
KL, 24 (Both)
8 Jan, 11pm, home, Singapore, North in Yishun
Title: On Mute
Gesture(s) of care: Video calling
We like this gesture because there is a sense of intimacy that comes with carrying out mundane activities or being in a private space but with the presence of someone else through a screen. It affords a sense of quiet reassurance, yet this is also accompanied with a sense of distance and longing. This gesture started becoming important to us when physical presence is not possible or too much. More than a mere simulation of sharing the same physical space, it creates a different quality of intimacy.​​​​​​​
Keywords:Accompanying, Listening, Sharing, Video calling, Touching, Connecting, Comfort, Connection, Safety, Trust, Longing, Company

Bachtiar, 24
January 8, 2021 at the Mosque of STAI MU Campus, Jalan Kepodang 4, km. 12 Tanjungpinang.
This is a typical gesture of people handing over food to the needy or people in need.
As an empathy towards flood victims, it is customary for locals to share food, and other items that might be useful for the affected people.
Quek Jia Qi, 25
9 Jan 2021, 8 am, my home in Singapore 
Title: Slow Living
Gesture(s) of care: Taking care of my plants  
Taking care of my plants reminds me of the importance of taking care of ourselves. Living in the digital age, this gesture grounds me when I pay attention to my surrounding beings, be present and still. Be it seeding, watering or pruning, this enduring process is meditative and cathartic in the attentive act of nurturing. I especially enjoy checking in with my plants in the morning: to begin my day by connecting with my plants, welcoming the morning light and envisioning possibilities for the new day.        
Keywords: Nurture, Growing, Growth, Maintenance, Nourishment, Nurture, Reciprocity, Attend, Caregiving, Embrace, Meditation

Neo Kah Wee, 22
9 Jan 2021, At home in the evening, Singapore
Title: Every Bit Of Gestures Matter
Gesture(s) of care: Making cognitive worksheets for elderly with dementia

During the Circuit Breaker last year I was an intern at a non-profit organisation and 1 of my job is to create cognitive worksheets for the elderly with dementia who are feeling restless at home as they are not able to go out for activities. These gestures is to keep them occupied and help in maintaining and preventing their conditions from getting worse. Besides me, the other staff are also doing their part by coming up with new methods to conduct activities which motivated me to produce more worksheets for them. 
At difficult times, caring for each other is important​​​​​​​
Keywords: Caregiving, We Care, Help Each Other, Belonging, Desire, Persistent, Inspiration
Audrey Chan, 47
9 January 2021, 3.08pm, Living room balcony, SIngapore
Gesture of Care: Sunny days for the people I love
It has been raining almost everyday since the start of the new year. Perhaps it’s Mother Earth’s way of cleansing for a fresh new start. There will be sunshine after rain. Perhaps, even rainbow. The weather doll can’t guarantee everyday will be a sunny day but at least that’s what I hope for myself and the people I love.
Carla Jean Philline, 23
January 9, 2021. 4:38 AM, My transient solo space in Manila, PH.
Title: Never will you fall apart
I regularly care for myself through feeling, sensing, and moving my body. By providing comfort through touching and gentleness. As somebody whose primary and preferred language since childhood was touch or non-verbal expression, this is my way to give myself that love. This was a discovery and constantly present gesture for me throughout my years, showing up in different forms whether through solitude, dance, sports, a reminder from a book or a friend. I'd like to especially mention my grandmother who has communicated so much to me through her hands in mine. For the month before, there has been unexpressed grief and anxiety within me and a compassion that I 'forgot' to value, my care was difficult for me to give to myself. So, the weeks that led up to this day has been a flow of healing and soulcare that came in many forms like support, friends, song, my grandmother's letters, a dream, writing, and deeply connecting. I woke up early that day with an active nudge to move to clear energy, give myself unmixed attention, listen, and provide my body that love she's always deserved regardless of how any previous suffering. So, I trusted the shuffle of my music, felt called to play this particular song and just let go into it. Kisses to say more than "you will be alright". More than words. This is my love and care.
Keywords: Breathing, Caress, Dancing, Embrace, Listening, Meditation, Resting, Touch, Sensing, Stillness, Feeling, Love, Beauty, Belonging, Comfort, Connection, Courage, Empathy, Faith, Hope, , Nurture, Peace, Refuge, Safety, Strength, Trust
MJ, 40
Date, Time & Location of performance:N/A (since 2004)
Title: Trying to blow bubbles while not extinguishing the flame.
Gesture(s) of care: Breathing/speaking
I have chosen the act of breathing/speaking to explore as a care gesture. More specifically, an observation of my fear of responding to a person when they’re in a vulnerable state. It may not exactly be a care gesture, but, to me, this moment of response is an integral part of my listening in such situations. I fear my saying something unintended can spiral a person into deeper depressions and anxieties. It’s moments like these where I feel the heightened power of words, of listening, and of breathing. Where, what I intend to mean as positive, can get perceived highly distorted and magnified uncontrollably. Feeling the fragility of the space occupies a portion of my interactions.
10 January 2021, the house that is don't call my home
Title: fuwa fuwa
Gesture(s) of care: Showing care to my dog is the best way to receive care for myself. 
I feel all fuzzy and warm when someone receives my love like a sponge, and gives in return so simply yet profoundly.
Pebbles was adopted. He came from a shelter, had fleas on his skin, and ticks near his eyes. He had an eye and ear infection. After 2 years with him, he cries like a baby whenever we leave the house. He doesn't bark otherwise, but only sneezes to get your attention. He needs a chew toy to regulate his excitement every time we come home. He loves other dogs. He comes near to you when you are crying and nuzzles you. He falls asleep on your lap readily and starts to snore. Why is he like that? I don't know. We loved him from the start. It's a silent but powerful love.
Keywords: Entrusting, Safety, Surrender, Comfort, Connection, Faith, Joy, Love, Safety, Trust, Unity, Accompanying, Breathing, Dancing, Exercise, Massage, Play, Resting, Singing
Jevon,  29
10 January 2021, 9:12pm, in a makeshift studio in Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: Writing in Bahasa Indonesia, a language I am not so fluent in.
 I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, but moved to Singapore when I was 7. I am conversant in the language, though my vocabulary remains at the level of a 7-year-old. Still, I've noticed that there are things which only writing in my original tongue can elicit, alongside an honesty that can only (be allowed to) arise when one's grasp of words is weak.
Pamela @GoldenHeartAlchemy
Any-Time, Any-Where, Any-Day
Title: Heart Way​​​​​​​
Gesture of care: I chose the gesture of placing a hand on the centre of the chest, bringing to focus the energetic heart centre.
There are many ways of expressing care, and often the deepest levels of genuine care remain unseen and unheard. The untrusting mind often wants to grasp what actually is intuitive, felt and experienced. For when it comes from a place of pure giving, it is unconditional and does not need to be shown to, or performed, for another. It just is done in that moment as its what is needed. Many sincere acts & gestures of care are unconsciously expressed and many are unaware what these are, especially when it arises from a loving impetus towards ourselves or others. There often isn't a natural desire to record or document the gestures. Often they are intuitive, from the ancient wisdom of our heart, body, bloodlines and cellular memory; not taught. Where we choose to place attention on, our intention & focus goes. Many people, when hearing or witnessing something moving, something that touches the very core of shared human experience, their hand unconsciously goes to their heart. Common, everyday sayings reflect back this natural way of connecting with others, such as, "My heart goes out to you" and "This is such a wonderful heart-to-heart conversation". The most meaningful relationships, connections and relations are not necessarily measured by frequency of contact but by the emotional depth of engagement.
Choosing to shift the focus from seeing with the physical eyes and the fearful, distrusting mind, into resting in the observation and expansiveness of the heart space, is the most profound act of care for ourselves and others. All subsequent acts and gestures of care for self and others can then naturally arise from this anchor in our heart space. So each day, each month, year upon year, I have committed to shifting and seeing from the heart and letting my heart lead. From this space where illusions dissolve and clarity heightens, the care expressed to myself and all sentient beings becomes one increasingly freed of old paradigms.
Keywords: Caring, Loving, Awareness, Unifying, Interweaving, Mindfulness, Grounding, Centering, Alchemy, Integration, Expansive, Seeing, Living, Breathing, Shamanism, Resolution, Clarity, Truth, Bliss, Curiosity, Self-Care, Self-Love, Abundance, Nectar, Wholeness, Interdependence, Pause, Purpose, Passion, Beauty, Belonging, Boundaries, Comfort, Connection, Courage, Dreams, Empathy, Empowerment, Endurance, Faith, Inspiration, Joy, Love, Nourishment, Nurture, Peace, Reciprocity, Refuge, Reverence, Safety, Solidarity, Strength, Trust, Unity, Accompanying, Attend, Being in nature, Breathing, Caregiving, Caress, Gathering, Hiding, Listening, Massage, Meditation, Offering, Play, Praying, Repair, Resting, Seeking, Sharing, Singing, Support, Tracing, Walking, Work
Ryan, 42
10 January 2021, 12.12pm Tai keng gardens, Singapore
Gesture(s) of care: Soothing the tension
When I'm tired and stressed, I always feel tensions at my eye sockets, my neck and shoulders. The gestures represent the massages that I give myself to ease the tensions.
Michael, 27
Date, Time & Location of performance: Sunday, 10th Jan 2021, 4pm, A dance studio in Bedok, Singapore.
Title: Headspace
Gesture(s) of care: Testing a pillow for a headstand class.
Tell us about the story of your gesture of care: I teach dance classes to youths on weekends. The idea is to invite them to play beyond their comfort zones in a manner that is fun, creative, yet safe. The headstand is a simple move that can get my students to experience seeing the world from a different point of view for a sustained period of time - but in order to do so, they would need proper padding to cushion their heads, as their scalps would not be used to the weight. 
I think care doesn't just encompass making life easier for another person. Rather, it is about setting ideal conditions for others to embrace, and weather, the discomforts they are bound to face in real life.
Keywords: Teaching, Giving, Preparing, Elevation, Boundaries, Comfort, Connection, Courage, Empowerment, Endurance, Nurture, Safety, Solidarity, Strength, Trust, Dancing, Gathering, Meditation, Play, Sharing, Support
Meghna Bhardwaj, 33
Date of Performance: 01/29/2021, 14.00 IST, Shiv Nadar University, India
Title: Veins
What is your gesture(s) of care?
My gesture really is the urge to reach out to people from moments of utter isolation during the lockdown, which I felt very deeply as a dancer. The elements I am trying to bring into a relationship with this film are a. my own moving body, b. a piece of furniture I decided to use as my collaborator when no other body was there during the lockdown, c. a yarn since as a therapy I have started bringing it into my art with crochet knitting, something that I am learning from my mother, d. Open sites with open sky, wind, sunshine, trees, and the chance of an airplane passing through the sky, all of which one would urge for in times such as these, and e. lastly the 'performance' of it all with which I am hoping to connect to the world beyond my immediate world.
I think the gesture for me really is 'dancing'. I have been a dancer all my life. I have been consistently moving from one project to another before the lockdown happened. And when that happened, I missed dancing with other bodies a lot. Plus I really missed dancing in wide spaces since my house has very limited space. I started feeling extremely claustrophic to an extent that I fell sick with severe insomnia. While I was in the middle of my treatment, world started opening up and I started sending out applications to residencies etc. I could not wait to get into the thick of a creative process, play with ideas and forms, and collaborate with people. This film is an attempt at all of that. Contributing this film to care index project is actually my way of asking for healing energy from Care Index. Its a way of reaching out to the world, to viewers, to interested participants, and to invite them to talk with me about dance, forms, choreographic processes, spatial events, etc. It is really my attempt to empower my own self of a performer, as much as to empower performers and dancers like me worldwide, who must be urging to dance live for the world again. Everything you see in the film in that sense is seeking support, seeking support and partnership from objects like the woven chair and the yarn in the lack of support of live bodies, leaning into nature and seeking motivation from nature to dance, and then creating a chance to recall my analytical choreographic mind while I put the frames together into a performance for a 'spectator'.
Keywords: weaving, choreographing, writing, arranging, curating, dancing, choreographing, imagery, chance-encounters, thread/yarn/weaving, collaborating, writing, sounds, reaching out​​​​​​​, being in nature, breathing, caress, dancing, drawing, embrace, listening, meditation, beauty, belonging, connection, desire, dreams, empathy, faith, hope, inspiration, joy, love

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