Care Index (Presence of Mind) was created over a series of digital residencies with a working group of Australia and Singapore-based artists, writers and curators involved in Presence of Mind: Alecia Neo, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen, Kath Fries, Dylan Goh, Rachael Kiang, Kristina Mah, Aryadharma Aaron Matheson, Shirley Soh, Lachlan Warner. During the residency, the group explored activities and exchanged reflections on contemplative practices, hospitalities and care through the lens of Buddhism. 
At the end of the digital residency, a series of video scores was created by the working group. Each score offers a meditation on initiations, dwelling and departures. 
These scores are also presented at the Presence of Mind group exhibition in art gallery, alongside an Open Call for public submissions.
To contribute:
1. Respond to any of the scores/instructions offered by the artists in the video above.
2. Perform your care gestures for 1 - 3 min 
3. Record your care gestures with video + audio. 
You may respond to just one invitation or more, at any space of your choice. There is no limit to the creative possibilities for your contribution.
Each submission will also be archived on this simple website, with credits provided to each contributor.
Submissions Guidelines:
Suggested Video length: 1 - 3 min 
Ideally in Landscape mode. Wide angles and close-ups are all welcome.
The flow of movements of your care gestures should be captured clearly. Record your movements for a minimum of 1 minute, on any basic video recording device which is available to you. 
Kindly include in your email submission the following details:
Your Preferred Name: (pseudonyms are welcome. If you’re submitting on behalf of someone else, please check in whether they would like to keep their identities anonymous.) 
Your Age: (if you do not wish for your age to be published, simply let us know.)
Date, Time & Location of performance: (the more specific, the better)
Title: (Describe or give your score a name)
Your reflections:
(What does this gesture make you feel or bring your attention to? What sensations did you notice? How do your spiritual and care practices interact with those of others?)

Send your contributions here: aleciaprojects @
Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. ​​​​​​​
Options for sending us your videos
Google Drive Link (up to 250MB) (up to 2GB) 
Participation Agreement 
By submitting to the Care Index, you acknowledge that all submitted materials belong/permissions are granted to you, and you kindly grant the artist the permission to use your materials freely for artistic and research purposes.
Care Index seeks to be a safe and respectful space of mutual exchange which hosts diverse expressions and knowledge from persons of all ages, cultural backgrounds and beliefs. While sincere effort will be made to be as inclusive as possible, the artist does reserve the right to exclude any works that they determine in their sole discretion to be obscene, inappropriate or illegal.
Thank you for your contribution to the Care Index!
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